The perfect day

I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, I hear the seagulls screeching near the beach. And I think to myself, what a wonderful day is coming and I slowly open my eyes. And their she is. Within the silky white sheets the most beautiful women on earth is sleeping. I badly urge to give her a gentle kiss on the cheeks and wake here up to see her happiness in her eyes. But I manage to restrain myself. Quietly I go to the kitchen and I start making a delicious breakfast. I am baking some eggs with a bit of basil which I just freshly picked out of the garden. And of course I took some fresh oranges too to later squeeze them into a perfect orange juice. Just as my last baked egg is finished I wake up the kids and tell them breakfast is ready. After that I wake up the beautiful women and guide her to the kitchen where her kids are already enjoying their breakfast.

It is about eight thirty and the beautiful women approaches me and gives me a kiss. “Thank you for the breakfast darling”. I give her a kiss back and wish her a good day at work. Just when the women left I tell my kids that they have to hurry and hop in the car! After I delivered the kids at school I am driving to my office. While I am driving I am enjoying the warm sun on my skin and the wind going through my hair. I arrive around 10 o clock at my office. A beautiful building with a nice garden. Just when I walk in some of my employees are greeting me happily. While I walk toward my office my associate is approaching me and gives me a nice warm black coffee. He ask me if I want to smoke a cigarette and talk about the plans for the meeting at eleven o clock. And I do! While we sit in the garden, drinking our coffee, smoking a cigarette and discussing our strategy for the eleven o clock meeting, our eleven o clock meeting approaches the office.

The meeting went good and my associate and me are happy about it. We talk it over with a delicious lunch in the city centre and both finish up some work. At around fifteen hundred I realize that I need to pick up my children, so I do. When at home, I talk about their day and give them some advice here and there, crack a few jokes and eat some cookies. After talking with my kids I start preparing a wonderful meal. I make my own Chinese spiced tomato soup with my own grown tomatoes and prepare some garlic bread and aioli. After an hour and a half of cooking the beautiful women comes home and gives me a kiss and she tells about her day. Afterward she asks about my day. After diner we are spending some time with the kinds until they go to sleep. At bedtime I read a story to the kids and tuck them in. I walk to the veranda and brought an bottle of red wine. I open it and watch the sunset with the beautiful women and I think to myself: “What a wonderfull day, it is almost perfect.”

Serious Games

The perfect day described as above, is for me a sketch of how a perfect day would look like for me personally. In my Utopia, every individual can live their own perfect day as how they see their day as perfect.

In every life people do things that they not necessarily want or need to do. I think that by using serious games, a step can be made to make a day a bit more perfect for each individual need.